saulot (saulot) wrote,

priae set

AvntGrdCrmdgn: you posted MY HATE
cainki11able: you are ignorant
cainki11able: your hate is most fierce
cainki11able: we are a team remember
cainki11able: steal from me like you do anytime
AvntGrdCrmdgn: indeed
AvntGrdCrmdgn: I steal from you like I steal from mulch
AvntGrdCrmdgn: mulch hates when I steal from him
AvntGrdCrmdgn: I read
cainki11able: now what will you do
cainki11able: you have been defieted
cainki11able: no props for you
AvntGrdCrmdgn: that makes you look bad fool
cainki11able: makes you look bad
AvntGrdCrmdgn: you know nothing
cainki11able: you are a coward
cainki11able: who is scared of women
AvntGrdCrmdgn: at least I do not love them
cainki11able: HOW DARE YOU
cainki11able: take it back
AvntGrdCrmdgn: you serve the females
cainki11able: that is a malicious lie
cainki11able: you are worse then a cod
cainki11able: why are we fighting
AvntGrdCrmdgn: women
cainki11able: pazuzu has left his amrk on us
cainki11able: we must call opon set
cainki11able: set i curse estorgen
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