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They become the Vandels and we become the law.

An essay i wrote to some Satanists.

I don't think the fact that right hand religions have more adherents then the left means that "The Light exists to Feed the Dark!" I do agree that most people who delve into the more "diabolical" religions are just fools who are only rebelling against society.

In my opinion true Darkness would be conforming as much as possible and claiming piety only to gain the respect of others in order to influence them to fulfill your treacherous appetite. - This is practiced by many. Are they friends of the dark in your opinion?

Also an interesting side note: The greatest of all Right Hand Religions are Christianity, Islam and Judaism. In Genesis it says that man became evil when he tasted the "Fruit of Knowledge." This caused the fall of man. The meaning of this is very profound in my opinion. After man tasted Knowledge he began to be ashamed of himself. IE, ignorance is innocence. That our desires aren't evil unless we understand them. Man was naked before, but was only shamed when he "realized" it.

I think The Creed behind this concept is that Understanding leads to shame, ignorance is bliss. I think they want man to return to his pure primal nature. The deep thinker is the fool.

I think the Right Hand isn't a lack of understanding, i think it's a difference of opinion.

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