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Necro Taster

"I am gay because I control the dead"

Hey guys, guess what i was doing when I was controlling the dead?



Thats right Pancho Guavera Jr.!

Thats right Tito quentay III!

I was fucking some guy in his ass!

The zombies where watching me fuck a guy in the ass!

One of the zombies said I was a faggot!

Another zombie said I have a nasty filthy mouth!

After they said those hurtful things to me I stabbed my lover in the back of the head with a broken femur bone, just to show those zombies!

And so ends the story of Necro-Taster

Necro-Taster misunderstood. Screen writer sinks into depression..

graba pillow: uh-huh
cainki11able: Necro-Taster
cainki11able: he is gay because he controls the dead
graba pillow: why would that make him gay?
cainki11able: shh
graba pillow: are you certain he isnt gay because he likes men?
cainki11able: he control the dead right?
graba pillow: yes, i suppose so
cainki11able: what does he do when he controls the dead?
graba pillow: he takes control over once-living organisms?
cainki11able: what else does he do?
graba pillow: apparently he has sexual intercourse with men?
cainki11able: correct

Screen Writer returns to health.

graba pillow: yes but, would he still be gay if he did not control the dead?
cainki11able: no he would not
graba pillow: ah-hah, see without that knowledge i could not have come to the conclusion you wanted me to reach
graba pillow: (that he is gay because he controls the dead)

Screen Writer moves to Heaven.
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