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vita non est vivere sed valere vita est

Punishment for Infidelity

8 December
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Know you are mode to be unmade
You are the white lamb
The gentle sacrefice
You are the greatest part of the bounty of Caine
And on your shoulders shall be his greatest Sin,
for alone among the children of Caine I have asked the One Above for forgiveness, and i have been viseted by the worst of the One Below's demons
Those snakes, which bite me in my sleeping.
Those foul wyrms who suck my blood.
I leanred from them to take the blackness from the blood.
The wounds from the flesh
the evil from the soul.
And though i may die, you, my childer will live on.
Open the Eye, and see the world truley.
and know what you do now goes on to heal another generation.